Christchurch based marketing and design studio specialising in services for small to medium businesses. Logo design, branding, marketing, web design and social media experts. 


About us.

Who is CleanSlate?

After identifying a gap in the market for affordable marketing solutions for small businesses, owner Ellie Manahi decided to go all in and open a boutique marketing and design studio, to be known as CleanSlate. Since it's launch in 2014, CleanSlate has grown a loyal customer base and continues to gain new clients through word of mouth referral. 

Why choose us?

1) We understand small business. We know what its like to start from scratch and the process it takes to grow your business. Appreciating and truely understanding the importance of budgets and strategic marketing is what we thrive on. 

2) We make it easy by keeping it simple. When we talk about 'strategy', that doesn't mean we'll bore you with an unnecessary 100 page analysis. It really comes down to what your goals are, who your market is, how we reach them and what we say. It doesn't need to be complicated. 

3) One stop shop' - typically small businesses can't afford to work with agencies that have account managers to liaise between all the different services. So they are often left to coordinate between graphic designers, marketing advisors, copy writers, web designers and developers, sign writers, printers and media agencies. As a designer, marketing specialist and web creative, Ellie provides all the essential services herself and has relationships with local printing and signage suppliers to provide a seamless experience. 

4) Affordable - our packages provide the best value for money without compromising on design or quality. We keep overheads low by operating from a home studio and pass on the great rates we get through local print and signage suppliers.

    A little about Ellie Manahi.

    Coming from a marketing and communications background, Ellie has experience in a range of industries spanning retail, hospitality, trade services as well as public sector in working in local government. Having worked on campaigns of all sizes and budgets, Ellie found that her passion lie in helping new businesses establish their brand and crafting their story. As an all round creative, Ellie's skills cover all the basis including graphic design, marketing, copy writing and web design. She enjoys the process of managing and executing all aspects of a project from start to finish. 

    I love working with small businesses, being part of their journey and providing the marketing solutions they need at a price they can afford.
    — Ellie Manahi